• Bundamba State Secondary College P&C
    Implemented an adventure program to engage at-risk youth and decrease incidents of crime in Bundamba.
  • Cerebral Palsy League of Queensland
    Installed reverse cameras on wheelchair-accessible buses to improve visibility out the rear window that is blocked by a wheelchair hoist.
  • No Comply Gallery
    Hosted a series of art workshops for at-risk youths to help foster a sense of pride and ownership in their community and reduce illegal graffiti in Toowoomba.
  • Bamanga Bubu Ngadimunku
    Delivered an awareness campaign to address drink driving behaviours in Mossman.
  • Gumdale State School P&C
    Improved drop off zone signage and delivered a safe school drop off awareness campaign.
  • Logan City Council
    Improved safety for seniors in Logan City by providing personal safety education seminars for local seniors.
  • Ipswich Police
    Delivered education sessions regarding personal safety strategies and basic car maintenance for females in the Ipswich community.
  • Mareeba Police
    Delivered a road safety campaign focusing on driving to the road conditions to reduce road crashes.
  • QLD Police Citizen Youth Welfare Association
    Provided additional resources for the Mareeba PCYC Mobile Activity Centre with the aim of discouraging anti-social behavior in local youth.
  • Birkdale South State School P&C
    Provided bicycles and helmets to conduct a road safety program with primary school aged children.
Name of recipientInitiativesGrant Received
Queensland Police Service – Walk of Life Project The program will be delivered by the Queensland Police Service (Wide Bay Burnett, in conjunction with the University of Queensland), with a focus on learning life skills, and developing reliance through bush adventure therapy. The program requires students to give up their lunch hour to learn skills such as cooking, first aid, anger management, resilience training and orienteering, in preparation for a three-day hike. During the program, the child protection needs of each student will be assessed by a School Based Police Officer, with the purpose of addressing individual safety concerns. A formal evaluation will be undertaken, providing quantitative data to demonstrate the success of the program, with data assisting with expansion of the program to other schools in the Region. Funding will allow 90 participants to take part in the program. $10,000
Community Solutions Group – Safe Drive, Stay Alive Targeting 16-25-year-old road-users, Community Solutions Group (Sunshine Coast) will work in collaboration with the University of Sunshine Coast to educate young drivers during ‘O Week’. Education will be provided through facilitation of guest speakers, information stalls and a driving simulation activity. Prizes such as defensive driving courses and learner driver training will also be delivered from grant funding. The project will be overviewed by two University of Sunshine Coast Professors in the field of risk research and clinical psychology. $10,000
Queensland Police Service – Cherbourg Police Rangers The Queensland Police Service (Cherbourg), in collaboration with St Joseph’s School Cherbourg, will deliver the ‘Cherbourg Junior Police Ranger’ program – an early intervention program for Indigenous youth, aged 9-12 years. The program is designed to provide practical life and social skills, develop leadership and team-work skills and enhance cultural awareness to minimise risk of volatile substance misuse, alcohol, and other illicit drugs. Children will meet once per week, for two hours during school terms and activities will include basic first aid, basic cooking and life skills aimed at making the children’s communities a safer place. $10,000
Longreach State High School – Security Alarm Upgrade Longreach State High School is frequently targeted by vandals and trespassers, with the school recently the victim of wilful damage, requiring the diversion of school funds, from resources to repairs. Funding will supply and install a monitored alarm system which will include sensors, remotes and monitors to be supported with a grant and fundraising the by P&C Association. $10,000
Mermaid Waters Community Kindy – Main Entrance Gate Upgrade Mermaid Waters Kindergarten needs to upgrade their current entrance safety gate to ensure the safety of the children and security of the site. Funds will cover the cost of purchasing and installing a new double-gate with self-locking mechanisms and removal of the old gate. $10,000
Queensland Police Service – Pop Up Boredom Busters Funding will allow the Queensland Police Service (Ingham) to deliver ‘Pop Up Boredom Busters’ – an initiative aimed at the youth of Ingham (12-17 years). Structured activities will be delivered by Ingham Police, targeting disengaged youth, whilst fostering relationships with police. The area has limited activities for their youth, with a swimming pool and movie theatre being the main source of entertainment. Ingham Police held a ‘Pop Up Boredom Buster’ in 2016, resulting in a strong youth turnout, and improved relations with police. Activities will include under 18 discos, dive-in movie nights, sports days and personal hygiene/body image workshops. $10,000
Queensland Police Service – Speak Up, Be Strong, Be Heard Pioneered in 2016 by the Queensland Police Service (Cairns), ‘Speak Up, Be Strong, Be Heard’ was created to improve community awareness, and an ethos of child protection through the identification of abuse, strengthening of reporting obligations and improvements to inter-agency arrangements within the Far North District. Outcomes to date have resulted in a significant increase in reporting – in one area alone, 246%. Funding will allow the program to expand into the remaining indigenous communities in the Far North District yet to be addressed - Thursday Island, Bamaga Weipa, Laura, Coen, Pormpuraaw and Lockhart River. $10,000
Queensland Police Service – Starting the Conversation: Steps of Change A collaboration of the Queensland Police Service's Sunshine Coast Vulnerable Persons Unit and Sunshine Coast University, funding will establish support sessions which will be attended by perpetrators of domestic violence; in addition, males suffering from mental health issues. Facilitated by a clinical psychologist, support sessions aim to increase the participant’s knowledge of the legal parameters surrounding domestic violence, create awareness of behavioural changes and create referral pathways with community and mental health services. The program is a proactive crime prevention strategy, addressing violent behaviours with a focus on alcohol and substance abuse which can be an underlying factor in community and domestic violence. $10,000
Queensland Police Service – Bravehearts/Police Partnership (Gladstone) The Queensland Police Service, in collaboration with Bravehearts, will deliver vital child safety programs to children in remote areas of Central Queensland. Children from prep – year 3 will be educated on protective behaviours and personal safety in an effort to decrease offences against children – in addition to creating an awareness of bullying and domestic violence. The project will also educate children on reporting offences and educate on ‘Cyber Echo’ (an internet safety program developed by Bravehearts to educate year 4 – 6 students on internet safety including chat room, Facebook and gaming sites). The project will incorporate the ‘Ditto Adventure Show’ (30min fully interactive show with take-home activity book), to engage and educate children. $10,000
Queensland Police Service – Bravehearts Protective Education, Barcaldine The Queensland Police Service, in collaboration with Bravehearts, will deliver vital child safety programs to children in the Barcaldine area. Children from prep – year 3 will be educated on protective behaviours and personal safety in an effort to decrease offences against children – in addition to creating an awareness of bullying and domestic violence. The project will also educate children on reporting offences and educate on ‘Cyber Echo’(an internet safety program developed by Bravehearts to educate year 4 – 6 students on internet safety including chat room, Facebook and gaming sites.) The project will incorporate the ‘Ditto Adventure Show’ (30min fully interactive show with take-home activity book), to engage and educate children. Safer Queensland Community Grant funding has provided education for in excess of 4,000 children in remote and regional Queensland since 2015, and is an invaluable resource for children on remote or secluded properties with limited exposure to external agencies or resources. $10,000
Queensland Police Service – Project Booyah Delivered by the Queensland Police Service, in collaboration with PCYC Queensland, Project Booyah is a 20-week program incorporating mentoring, youth support, literacy/numeracy education, adventure-based learning and vocational scholarships to support at-risk young people. Project Booyah aims to re-engage 15-17 year olds with formal education pathways, or assist in their transition to the workforce, all whilst reducing participants offending. Since 2016, 269 youth have participated in Project Booyah initiatives across nine Queensland locations. The program boasts an 85% completion rate, with a 67% re-engagement rate with education, 81% gaining a certificate in hospitality and 38% engaged in training. Funding is sought to assist with the cost of design and construction of an outdoor adventure facility at the Tudor Park Activity Centre, such as ropes courses etc. $10,000
Queensland Police Service – Connected Women 2 Pioneered by the Queensland Police Service (South Brisbane District) in 2016, the Connected Women program has been successful in achieving its goal of helping newly arrived, and refugee Islamic women (aged 15-30 years) with education on crime prevention, leadership, self-esteem and violence prevention. At the conclusion of the 2016 funding cycle, many program participants made inquiries about joining the Queensland Police Service as a police officer – as a result of the trust and understanding established between program participants and police. 'Connected Women 2' funding will deliver nine, four-hour sessions for women identified by the Islamic Women’s Association of Australia as being most at need. $10,000
Queensland Police Service – St George Bluelight Shearing Team Targeting marginalised 16-60 year olds in Western Queensland (St George) struggling to secure employment, the program will assist with a significant shortfall of qualified shearers, as the Region experiences a re-emergence of sheep farming. The Region has experienced natural disasters and a lack of growth opportunity resulting in businesses closures, increased unemployment rates, drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence and increased crime. The program will educate the target group, creating referral pathways, increase self-esteem, creating a sense of purpose and meet the demand for skilled shearers for the local wool industry. $10,000
Queensland Police Service – Secure Plates in Central Project A collaboration of the Queensland Police Service (North Rockhampton) and Department of Transport and Main Roads, funding will deliver 16,000 tamper proof screws which will be distributed when new registration plates are issued – to assist in the reduction of number plate thefts in the Central Police Region. $9,680
Queensland Police Service – Deep Blue Line (South Brisbane) The Queensland Police Service (South Brisbane District), in collaboration with PCYC (Inala and Mt Gravatt branches) will deliver ‘The Deep Blue Line’, with a view to improving relationships between police and the Islamic community. Funding will allow 15, at-risk, young Islamic males (13-17 years), participate in the 10-week program. The program will improve social and emotional wellbeing, increase respect for self and others, all whilst learning practical life skills such as sport, cooking, basic handyman skills, camping, communication skills and goal setting. Past Deep Blue Line participants have forged genuine, long lasting relationships with Queensland Police Service members as a result of program completion. $9,650
Beachmere Sports Club Incorporated –Venue Safety Upgrade Beachmere Sports Club provides facilities for a range of sporting clubs and community groups in the local area including rugby league, tennis, cricket and a fitness centre. The grant will fund upgrades to the venue’s security measures with cameras, alarms, and restricted access systems. $9,500
Tamrookum State School P&C Association – Car Park Safety Improvements The current configuration of the school car park makes it difficult for the school bus to manoeuvre safely. Funds will help relocate an existing bus shelter, create two dedicated bus parking areas and change the location of parallel parks to improve traffic flow and pedestrian safety. $8,735
Wesley Mission – Fusion Fridays at Eagleby (FF) Targeting disadvantaged Eagleby youth (12-18 years), Wesley Mission Queensland will offer ‘Fusion Fridays at Eagleby (FF)’ – a weekly program (across two school terms) consisting of free, or very low cost recreational activities, targeting local young people (and their parents) in an engaging and relaxed environment. Activities will include cooking workshops, outdoor movies, BBQs, obstacle courses, art and sport, designed to engage local youth and reduce social isolation. $7,819
Police-Citizens Youth Clubs – Youth Road Safety Project PCYC Cairns will target young people living in disadvantaged suburbs of Cairns to participate in a road safety program using interactive presentations and games to deliver powerful lessons about the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol and other drug-related substances. $7,760
Queensland Police Service – KEEN TO BE SEEN Funding will assist Thursday Island Police to provide 1000 reflective wrist bands and 500 reflective hats to runners across Thursday Island. Thursday Island has seen a revolution in fitness, particularly running, over the past 2 years – as a result of the introduction of the ‘TI Deadly Runners’ program. Participation has grown from a few numbers to hundreds of members (on an Island with a population of only 3000). Due to the hot climate, most runners train early in the morning or at night. There is no designated off-road running, walking or bicycle tracks, rendering the road network the only place for runners to use. Funding will deliver much needed safety equipment for runners. $7,496.02
Burrum District Museum – Burrum Museum Crime Prevention The Burrum Museum reflects the area's history as a major coal mining centre from 1863. It is a regular victim of break-and-enters, and has been identified as an 'easy target' due to its isolated location. The installation of security cameras will act as a deterrent and assist police with the identification of offenders. $7,300
Redcliffe PCYC – Road Safety Education Equipment The Redcliffe area is growing rapidly, with more traffic and more children requiring education about road safety. Redcliffe PCYC will work with schools on the Redcliffe Peninsula to expand the existing bicycle road safety program currently delivered to Year 4 students. $6,800
Canungra Bowls Club Incorporated – Security Monitoring and Lighting Systems The Canungra Bowls Club is a core facility for the local community, providing meeting rooms, sporting opportunities and events for a range of groups. Recent petty crimes and vandalism has affected the Club and a grant will support the installation of a new alarm and security system. $5,430
Queensland Police Service – Safe Schools, Safe Communities A collaboration of the Queensland Police Service (Logan) and Education Qld, ‘Safe Schools, Safe Communities’ will educate and reinforce a zero tolerance message in schools and the home. Targeting pre-school - year 10 students, the proactive project aims to ensure that students and staff feel safe to live, work and learn – a direct response to increasing violence and abuse. Messaging will be driven through merchandise with messaging advocated through school assemblies, newsletters and social media. The wearing and use of merchandise will reinforce the message and drive a cultural shift. $5,000
C&K Redbank Plains Community Kindergarten – Safety Lighting C&K Redbank Plains is located in the centre of an isolated Ipswich City Council Park. The Centre’s playground has been the target of vandalism and trespassing, the power box has been repeatedly turned off (resulting in spoilt food in fridges), children’s play equipment stolen and gardens damaged. Grant funding will supply and install motion sensor lighting in the playground and main building. $4,664
C&K Gayndah Community Kindergarten – Increased Security for C&K Gayndah Facilities C&K Gayndah has experienced frequent instances of trespassing, break-ins and thefts in the last two years. Funds will allow the centre to install a monitored security system, which will be complemented by in-kind work from a local builder to install new locks on all windows. $4,487
C&K Charters Towers Community Kindergarten – Protecting Our Community Kindergarten Due to down-turn in the local mining and cattle industry, many local families have left Charters Towers and the kindergarten now operates on a part-time basis. Funding will provide a monitored security system to help protect the centre when it’s closed, and include a duress alarm to improve safety for children and staff. $4,144
C&K Middlemount Community Preschooling Centre – Crime Prevention at C&K Middlemount C&K Middlemount is the only childcare provider in this small mining town and has been the victim of vandalism and break-ins impacting the ability of the Centre to care for children. The installation of a monitored security system will help the childcare centre improve their security measures. $4,101
Queensland Police Service – Deep Blue Line (Dalby) Funding will allow the Queensland Police Service (Dalby) to deliver ‘The Deep Blue Line’, a program for 14-16 year old Indigenous females. Teaching practical life skills, improving communication, and focusing on health and well-being, the program aims to increase self-awareness to reduce risk-taking, anti-social behaviour and encourage participants to re-connect with education and family. $4,100
C&K Oakey Community Kindergarten – Safer Kindy Project C&K Oakey currently has no security system, and no street lights near the centre. Trespassers and vandalism is frequent at the centre. The installation of a monitored security system with duress alarm will deter against future offences and provide staff and parents with increased safety. $3,584.23
Queensland Police Service – Informed Community = Strong Community The Queensland Police Service (Cairns Cross Cultural Liaison Unit) in collaboration with Cairns Regional Council, will deliver workshops to cultural leaders to improve rates of reporting, with a focus on domestic violence, police powers, the judicial system and crime prevention measures (personal and home security). The workshops aim to strengthen relationships between police in the Far North Region and multi-cultural communities. Target groups include Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island, African, Bhutanese, Burmese, Hmong, Islamic, Pacific Islands and PNG, Sikh, LGBTI and hearing impaired persons. Funding will allow ten information sessions to be held, with each session focussing on a particular issue. $3,253.49
Queensland Police Service – Emergency Services Safety Tour The Queensland Police Service (Gold Coast), in collaboration with Multi-Cultural Families Organisation and TAFE Queensland, will deliver the ‘Emergency Services Welcome Tour’, designed to assist an increasingly diverse population. The tour will be conducted by Police Liaison Officers, with designated ‘stops’ at locations such as police stations, local courthouse, surf lifesaving club, ambulance station and fire station. Participants will be provided with a GO card, and transported via G-Link (tram). Engagement will be multi-faceted with improved relations with emergency services personnel, familiarisation of public transport system and improvements to personnel safety. $3,000
C&K Acacia Ridge Kindergarten & Preschool – Security System C&K Acacia Ridge has been the victim of multiple acts of vandalism, impacting its ability to provide services to local families. Funds will allow the centre to install a monitored security system to deter break-ins and damage, and a duress alarm to provide staff and children with additional protection. $2,686
Dalby Beck Street Kindergarten Association Inc – Motion Sensor Security Lighting Funding will allow Dalby Beck Street Kindergarten to install motion sensor security lighting, aimed at improving current security measures – and provide additional security for staff and visitors who use the Centre after hours. $1,271
Name of recipientInitiativesGrant Received
Queensland Police Service - St George Youth Engagement Program (SGYEP) A resilience and personal development program helping at-risk youth (aged 12-16 years) in St George and surrounding areas to improve self-esteem, create a sense of purpose and generate a learning culture by providing life skills and exercises for personal development to provide pathways and improve school attendance in addition to reducing youth crime. $10,000.00
QPCYWA (South Burnett Branch) - Bicycle Education Program for Cherbourg A student-focused project student to provide 200 students with a comprehensive education package and their own bike helmet, to help reduce the risk of bicycle incidents amongst indigenous students. $10,000.00
ALARA QLD Limited - Keeping us Safe at Luke's Place Enhance security with the supply and installation of a CCTV system/cameras to the exterior of Luke’s Place Ipswich, which is operated by ALARA QLD, and provides a range of community services for 600-700 children and adults with disabilities. $1,638.00
The Community Place Kalinga - Safety Lighting Project Installation of security lighting around the perimeter of the Kalinga Bowls Club, the new site of The Community Place,a community centre based at Wooloowin which aims to provide places, opportunities and services for people to connect, share and learn together. $7,331.69
Queensland Police Service (Mount Gravatt) - Connected Women Connected Women is a 10 week crime prevention and community safety program designed specifically for young Islamic new arrival refugee women, aged 15 - 30 years, focusing on crime prevention, leadership, self-esteem and violence prevention. $9,507.50
Cook Shire Council - Split Rock Crime Prevention This project aims to prevent theft and vandalism at ‘Split Rock’, an iconic self-guided Indigenous rock art tourist attraction, located near Laura (Cape York) through the supply and installation of solar-powered CCTV cameras. $8,023.95
Queensland Police Service (Barcaldine) - QPS/BraveheartProtective Behaviours Education The QPS will work in collaboration with Bravehearts to deliver vital child safety programs to children aged 4-9 years in remote areas of the South-West Police District. $10,000.00
Townsville Central State School P&C Association - Bike Handling and Road Safety Initiative This project seeks to educate children on road safety and bike handling and involves the acquisition and development of resources, which will be delivered as part of the school curriculum. $9,456.00
Torbanlea State School - School Theft Prevention The grant will fund the purchase and installation of a CCTV system within Torbanlea State School to enhance school security and prevent break-and-enters. $4,616.36
Meals on Wheels Pine Rivers - Key to Safety The project will purchase and install 600 key locks for all homes within the Meals on Wheels (Pine Rivers) delivery scheme to encourage better home security and allow emergency services, carers and other authorised person’s lawful entry to premises with a secure PIN. $10,000.00
Ravenshoe Community Centre Inc. - CCTV System The project will supply and install eight high-definition cameras within the Ravenshoe Community Centre to prevent wilful damage, theft and drug use. $9,490.23
Queensland Police-Citizens Youth Welfare Association - Deep Blue Line In collaboration with the QPS, Inala PCYC will deliver Deep Blue Line, an early intervention and diversionary program delivering life-skill based sessions and interactions with mentors based around the key learning areas of communication, well-being and positive futures with participants referred from local schools and community organisations. $4,789.90
Queensland Police Service (Cairns City) - Apex Park Revitalisation The project seeks to increase security and enhance public safety within Apex Park, Cairns through improved lighting and signage. $10,000.00
Queensland Police Service (Yarrabah) - Yarrie Yarns The project seeks to educate the Yarrabah community (the largest mainland Aboriginal community) on the use of social media by creating a social media page called Yarrie Yarns, which will feature a weekly interview and photograph of a local resident. Expected project outcomes are a reduction in calls for service relating to family disturbances, bullying and harrassment. $9,288.95
Queensland Police Service (Morningside) - Deep Blue Line South Brisbane Police District The project is a collaboration of South Brisbane District Police and various Islamic organisations within South Brisbane to increase communication and wellbeing and promote a positive future for Islamic youths aged between 13 and17 years to help build life skills and foster mentoring relationships with QPS officers. $3,590.00
Queensland Police-Citizens Youth Welfare Association - Automotive Work Skills A collaboration of Youth Justice and PCYC, Ipswich PCYC will deliver an Automotive Skills Workshop toeducated 30 students through a training program in automotive repair, restoration and maintenance. Participants will gain a Certificate II in Automotive Body Repair upon program completion, in addition to participating in a group exercise at the Willowbank Motor Precinct. $9,000.00
St Andrews Lutheran College - Safety in the Junior School The project involves improving school security with security cameras, after being the victim of $6 million worth of damage caused by an arson attack in April 2016. $9,826.00
Cardinals Baseball Club - Install security cameras, motion sensors, alarms The project involves improving security within the club including the supply and installation of motion sensors, a security alarm and a CCTV camera system to deter unlawful activity. $7,000.00
Queensland Police Service (Yamanto) - Tact Before Text A collaboration with the QPS, Able Australia and University of Southern Queensland, the project will target seniors and students (with English as a second language) on cyber safety, aiming to instil a key message of ‘thinking before you act or send’ through information sessions. $4,704.15
Queensland Police Service (Edmonton) - Generation No DV - Youth can be the change The project seeks to promote domestic violence awareness via one-minute videos created by local high school students and youth-led community education sessions. $7,900.00
C&K Caboolture Community Kindergarten & Preschool - Security Lighting The project seeks to install motion sensor lighting to the existing building to enhance overall security. $1,524.05
Queensland Police Service (Atherton) - Our Roads, Our Rules - Keep left in Australia A collaboration of the QPS, Tablelands Regional Council and Mareeba Shire Council, the project seeks to educate overseas drivers on keeping to the left through signage, QPS engagement with tourists/backpackers and multilingual stickers/brochures which will be affixed to rental vehicles and distributed to seasonal workers and backpackers. $7,500.00
Uni Boars Junior Rugby Union - White Ribbon - speaking out about Domestic Violence The project will educate and empower young men within the Capricornia Police District, that domestic violence is unacceptable. In collaboration with the White Ribbon Foundation, the project seeks to educate and spread the message of stopping domestic violence by having two Uni Boar Football teams White Ribbon jerseys and raising a White Ribbon banner at games. $7,949.00
Queensland Police Service (Cairns) - Cairns School Road Safety Expo Cairns School Safety Road Safety Expo is an initiative aimed at year 10-12 students which includes demonstrations of the QFES Road Rescue interactive display with commentary from QFES, QAS and QPS. $5,000.00
C&K Eagleby South Community Kindergarten - Security Upgrade Project The project seeks to install a duress alarm systems to ensure the safety of the children and staff of the centre to complement existing security measures and enhance safety for patrons. $1,490.00
C&K Cotton Tree Community Childcare Centre - Front Entrance Security Upgrade The project will enhance security at the front of the premises, as recommended by local police through the purchase of a new security front door with security PIN pad. $5,733.99
MINS - Multicultural Driver Awareness Course Access to to a safe, low-risk, driver awareness course, involving theory and practical explanations and demonstrations by qualified educators, to 48 MINS clients through Roadcraft in Gympie. $9,429.98
YellowBridge QLD - YellowBridge Safety This project will provide custom-made personal security devices to support workers who are caring for disabled and disadvantaged community members within Toowoomba. $5,000.00
AL TAYLOR FOR KIDS INC. - The Potential Project This project provides assistance to youth identified by the education system as being at-risk of disengaging from education, drug use and self-harm to three Sunshine Coast school selected in consultation with the Department of Education Regional Behavioural Managements Coordinators. The program aims to encourage appropriate decision making and instil values into the participants through the use of action-based learning. $10,000.00
Queensland Police Service (Townsville) - Security door guard The project will supply acrylic security screen guards with a printed crime prevention message. and given to residents in ‘hot spots’ experiencing high rates of property crime. $10,000.00
Queensland Police Service (Broadbeach) - Let's Talk: Domestic Violence in our Community The project will provide six bimonthly domestic and family violence education dinners for 80 Gold Coast CALD community leaders to help them educate and empower their community members about domestic family violence, with expected outcomes including the promotion of respectful relationships and the development of referral pathways for support services. $6,000.00
Cairns Community Kindergarten - A Safe Outdoor Environment for All The project will upgrade exterior fences and install a lockable gate to the centre, reducing the incidence of crime and unlawful activity within the premises. $10,000.00
Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Parents and Friends - Cyclone Mesh Fencing The project seeks to improve student safety within the Thursday Island school with the installation of 30 metres of cyclone mesh fencing adjacent to the driveway, which is accessed by both vehicles and pedestrians. $9,900.00
Volunteer Marine Rescue Burdekin Inc. - Upgrade site to remote access The project seeks to improve security measures at the Burdekin Volunteer Marine Rescue (VMR) to provide remote access to cameras to allow for timely retrieval or review of CCTV footage, after rescue equipment was damaged in 2015, restricting the ability of the VMR to assist those in need. $4,996.75
Name of recipientInitiativesGrant Received
QPS - Crime Prevention - Bravehearts/Police Partnership To educate children in remote areas of Protective Behaviours and personal safety to decrease offences against children. Project includes school of the air and Distance Ed children on remote properties. $10,000.00
St Vincent de Paul Society Queensland - VRAP - Road to Equality Vinnies will partner with a local Driving School to pilot a subsidised learner driver training program for 20 of our VRAP families. Each participant will receive 11 lessons over the year. $6,600.00
QPS - Road Safety - Cape Communities Baby Seat Project The continuation of the Hope Vale Travel Safety Project to other Cape Communities. The supply of child safety seats to Indigenous communites of Aurukun and Pormpuraaw on a loan basis without cost. $10,000.00
QPS - Crime Prevention - Safe Street Project Police & youth workers will provide initial engagement at Woodridge train station, Adventure Based Learning, goal setting and case management intensive support linking to education training $5,000.00
Bundaberg Bargara Liquor Accord - Heroes Do Zero The project rewards those drivers who are everyday heroes and make the choice not to drink and drive whilst highlighting the fact if you chose to drink you really should chose not to drive. $1,500.00
Queensland Police-Citizens Youth Welfare Assoc'n - Braking the Cycle (BTC) - Training for Road Safety Provision of a Certificate IV qualification in Transport & Logistics (Driving Instruction - Car) from Aegis Training Services Pty Ltd to four staff who can then upskill other mentors working in BTC! $10,000.00
First Coat Festival - Common Ground A creative workshop which engages disadvantaged youth through a creative workshop series, graffiti education program and including young people in the transformation of Toowoomba’s CBD Skate Park. $9,900.00
Queensland Police-Citizens Youth Welfare Assoc. - Paint the streets To engage with young people at risk and deliver the program to teach them to take ownership of a public place, prevent anti-social behaviour, graffiti crime and deliver community and skill enhancement $8,935.00
Parramatta State School P&C Assossiation - Restore a bicycle program This project aims to engage students who are disengaged at school through an after school program to fix up bikes from the tip and learn safe riding skills. They keep the bike, helmet and lock. $6,808.00
QPS - Road Safety - Drive Safely on the Downs - We Want You Back Manufacture/distribution of banner pens (roll out information banners within pens) displaying road safety information in multi-languages. Pens will be distributed to international drivers by QPS. $2,500.00
QPS - Crime Prevention - Rainbow Beach Tide Chart 2016 A 'Tide Times' A4 size, tri-fold chart with the 2016 tide times for Rainbow Beach on one side and property security messages related to camping etc and emergency / disaster information on the other. $1,188.00
C&K Slade Point Community Kindergarten - Installation of a Security System C&K Slade Point Community Kindergarten would like to install a security system to deter further events of break ins and property damage to our centre. $1,994.00
C&K Coolum Community Childcare Centre - A safer kindergarten environment for our children To ensure the safety of our children, C&K Coolum would like to have sensor lighting installed around the perimeter of our facility to deter unwelcomed visitors outside our operating hours. $1,696.00
Elanora State School P and C Association - Stop drop and go zone To enhance the safety of students, parents and staff at the drop and go zone and a secondary collection and drop off area by implementing signage and witches hats enhancing traffic flow and safety. $1,256.00
QPS - Road Safety - Driving Home the Message Driving home the message is for Yr 12 students & is an all day presentation by QPS, QFES, School Nurses and victims of road trauma including family of fatal traffic crashes. $5,500.00
Moreton District Neighbourhood Watch Group - Tamper-Proof Rego Plate Screws Strategy The Strategy aims to address a growing local problem involving number plate theft. The use of tamper-proof screws reduces number plate theft. The Strategy aims to deliver these screws locally. $5,000.00
Morayfield East Neighbourhood Watch Group - Safer Speeds, Safer Streets Strategy The Strategy aims to address a growing local problem involving speeding in local streets. The Strategy will make motorists aware of local speed limits and build local ownership of a local solution. $7,898.00
QPS - Crime Prevention - Raisining Awareness of Domestic Violence in Gympie

The project involves printing of disposable coffee cups with a message promoting domestic violence awareness and support availability.

The cups are to be distrubuted to cafes in the Gympie area.

Friends of Casuarina Lodge - Make it home

Promote head injury and safe driving practices.

Targeting young people aged 16-24 in schools and local community via websites, school visits, community event, information stalls and competition

Tannum Sands Kindergarten Association Inc. - Safe Cycling Station We have a garden shed that houses some bikes and cycling equipment for our children. Our designated cycling area and aging equipment is in need of significant upgrades. $1,137.55
Bundaberg & District Neighbourhood Watch Assn Inc - 50 in my street Supply signs on wheelie bins to remind residents they are driving in a 50 kph zone. The targeted streets are those selected by police as being trouble spots. The signs are 30cm x 30cm, yellow & black $1,980.00
Bright Kids After School Care - Kids Wisdom. Life coaching for kids curriculum

'Adventures in Wisdom' A curriculum of kids wise choice learning & mentoring.

MP3/CD/PDF kids life-coaching content.

An early intervention resource to reduce future crime & promote responsibility

Collinsville State School P&C - Under School and External Security Lighting To install under school and externally wall mounted security lighting in and around our school buildings. $4,400.00
Riverview State School - Our school keep it safe Installation of security screens to a high risk learning precinct building to decrease vandalism and break and enters to the school. Lessons creating a sense of belonging and pride in the school. $9,746.00
Sunnybank Hills State School Parents and Citizens - Symons Road Fence Upgrade SHSS P&C is working hard with school management to improve road safety for the school and community following a tragic accident that occurred on 20 April 2015 when a Year 2 girl was hit by a car. $10,000.00
Our Lady of Dolours Parents & Friends Association - Enhancing School Security at Our Lady of Dolours We would like to finalise the installation of security screens across all windows within the school. $7,733.47
Palmwoods Community Kindergarten - Palmwoods Kindergarten "Lighting Up" We are looking to have some lighting installed outside the Kindergarten to illuminate the pathway and garden bed that is adjacent to the Kindergarten. $3,600.00
QPS - Crime Prevention - Operation Break Free Operation Break Free is a project to reduce property crime occurring within the suburb of Mooroobool. We want to raise awareness for home security and promote their homes being "break-free" $5,000.00
Queensland Police-Citizens Youth Welfare Assoc'n - Alcohol Awareness Kit The Alcohol Awareness Kit will include a fatal vision kit, which helps users experience the potentially dangerous consequences of impairment from alcohol to minimize harm to themselves and others. $3,000.00
Beenleigh Multisports Association Inc - Facility security upgrade To install security cameras inside and outside of our facility, to discourage people from trying to break in. $8,320.00
Hermit Park State School P&C Association - Get Active Stay Safe HPSS aims to increase student safety across the modes of bike and foot school travel & recognises it's responsibility to do so through facilities, resources, & student education. $10,000.00
Al Taylor For Kids Inc. - No Limits Sunshine Coast Region Our project will deliver 3 NO LIMITS PROGRAMS to schools in the Sunshine Coast. The Schools will be selected in consultation with the Qld Department of Education's Behavioural Management Coordinator. $9,750.00
Jason Rich Foundation - Jason Rich Foundation Raise funds to Educate Grade 12 students on Defensive Driving. We are about to put our 1000 student through the course and are constantly fund raising to pay the costs involved. $9,855.00
C&K Balaclava Community Kindergarten - Safety for our Children Project C&K Balaclava Community Kindergarten’s project involves the supply and installation of motion sensors and lighting. $1,320.00
QPS - Crime Prevention - Surf Key Lock The 'Surf Key Lock' project is about the promotion of securing vehicles, personal belongings and vehicle keys. The primary focus is on securing vehicle keys by the use of a Key Locking device. $5,000.00
QPS - Road Safety - 2n2 Mobile Phone Program The program is a PowerPoint presentation to be delivered to High School Students, outlining the dangers associated with Mobile Phones and driving & have them driving on a simulator showing the dangers $10,000.00
Southern Downs Regional Council - Operation Stanthorpe Backpackers To install recommended signage at key points in Stanthorpe region targeting road safety issues aimed at foreign backpackers over represented in local crash statistics as part of an education program. $9,200.40
QPS - Road Safety - Drive Smart, Drive Safe A QPS community safety, road safety, engagement and crime prevention project, providing education on standard drinks & safe driving BAC levels to motorists. The Project will enhance community safety. $3,073.25
Pacific Pines Junior AFL Club - Operation Secure Provide security measures to protect the clubhouse from vandalism, damage and break-ins $7,000.00
Giru Daycare Association - Keeping our children safe We are needing to provide high and secure fences around the day are centre to prevent the younger children having easy access to the main road/car park area. $1,500.00
Kumbia Kindergarten - Secure Our Classroom As our classroom is an old chamferboard dwelling donated by the community, we would like to replace the unlockable old wooden windows with new lockable windows and security screens. $7,320.00
Mountain Creek Neighbourhood Watch - Neighbourhood Watch Emergency magnet This project will involve the design and distribution of magnets to the community with essential numbers listed including information about the neighbourhood watch program and how to get involved $1,182.75
Redland Bay State School P&C - Road Safety - Drop Off 101 Design & print a Drop Off 101 Booklet to be distributed to all current parents & for future parents. Contribute towards the purchase of an LED sign to promote road rules & safety during drop off times $8,325.00
C&K Bradman Street Community Long Day Care - Carpark Safety & Security Lighting Project Our project involves improved lighting to our carpark & external walkway areas to enhance the safety & security of patrons utilising our service & to deter unwelcomed visitors. $1,810.00
Name of recipientInitiativesGrant Received

Gladstone Men's Shed Association Inc. - Surveillance Security System

Provide a system to view & record from 6 cameras simultaneously during day & night, inside & outside premises, to both deter & provide evidence of criminal or unwanted visitors.


Cairns Mother of Good Counsel Parents & Friends Association - MOGCS School Zone, A Safer Me Means a Safer You

The project focuses on road safety by: clear signage for the stop drop and go area, providing greater awareness around road safety, a bicycle education program for students and storage for bicycles.


QPS Crime Prevention - Be Safe n Stay - Learn the Aurukun Way

Deliver ongoing presentations to new arrivals into Aurukun Community. The educational presentation is based on local cultures, community awareness, personal safety and property security.


Acacia Ridge Westside Community Services Limited - Get Home Safely

Westside works with 500+ clients with disabilities. The Get Home Safely project will deliver Road Safety strategies and awareness training to these clients customised to their level of understanding.


Mount Isa Neighbourhood Watch - Sun Block Crime Block

Purchasing car sun shades, which have deterrent message printed on them of "no cash or valuables kept in this vehicle". NHW will give these out at no cost to members of the community at a launch event.


Sarina Surf Life Saving Club Inc. - Upgrade Security at Sarina Surf Life Saving Club

External lighting installed around the clubhouse to assist in the prevention of trespassing, vandalism and unlawful entry into Sarina Surf Life Saving Club.


QPS Road Safety - Be Seen on the Green

The project involves using outdoor stickers / painted signs on intersections to remind persons of the dangers of crossing the road on a red don’t walk signal.


Townsville Toy Library Association Inc. - Road Safety Role Play

Provide the toy library with road safety toys, for families to borrow for their children to enhance understanding of road signs and rules and also for community events.


Corinda Christian Kindergarten - Improved security for Playground

Install sensor lights and a new security gate in the playground to improve visibility at night and create a better barrier between the street and the playground, in keeping with CPTED principles.


QPS Crime Prevention - WATCH OUT for Your Street

A combined NHW & QPS community safety, engagement and crime prevention project, providing encouragement and education on how to “Watch Out for Your Street” to enhance community safety and security.


Noosa Shire Council - Protecting our Community Assets Graffiti Education

An evidence-based interactive Graffiti Education program delivered in 6 local schools, supported by QPS, Youth Justice Service and community asset managers aimed at preventing graffiti in Noosa Shire.


C&K Maroochy Family Day Care Centre - Safer Community Play Spaces

Crime prevention project to install floodlights and sensor lighting to our children's playground area.


QPS Crime Prevention - Project IVA - International Visitor Awareness

Provide personal safety & water safety messages in Japanese, Chinese, Korean & English languages for display on tour buses, vessels, aircraft & key locations to increase awareness of IV in FNQ.


McKinlay Shire Council - Julia Creek Bike Safety Track

To construct a bike safety track. The project will improve road safety for minors by giving them the opportunity to experience a number of traffic scenarios in a safe and controlled environment.


Crime Stoppers Queensland Limited - Seniors Safety in our Community

Deliver 4 workshops in Coolangatta and Palm Beach promoting seniors safety in public places, on transport, in their homes and online.


QPS Crime Prevention - IMF (IT'S MY FARM) Project

To address wilful damage, stealing and trespass crime occurring on rural properties. To inform rural stakeholders of their rights and obligations and to educate offenders of consequences of their actions.


QPCYWA - Mackay Branch (Mackay PCYC) - Braking the Cycle - Suncorp Cycle Mackay

Braking the Cycle is an award winning Learner Driver Mentor Program (LDMP) developed by QPCYWA with government support which provides local disadvantaged youth the opportunity to obtain their licence.


QPCYWA - Deception Bay - Basketball After Dark (BAD) Program

The BAD Program is a weekly basketball event held every Friday night, 6pm to 9pm. BAD aims to engage youth to reduce "congregating" in the streets and opportunities for antisocial/criminal behaviour.


QPS Crime Prevention - Back on Track

To provide a BMX track for the youths within the Woorabinda Aboriginal Community with a block of land approved by Council for this project within the township.


Weipa Community Care Association Inc. - Operation Night Watch

The purchase and installation of CCTV capabilities within designated public areas in the Weipa Community to address incidents of property crime and antisocial behaviour.


C&K Carseldine Community Childcare Centre - Sensor Lighting

Our project involves the installation of sensor lighting to prevent vagrants from sleeping & defecating in our playground & to light the surrounding area to scare off any potential intruders.


Redlands Centre for Women Incorporated - Centre Security

To provide security lights on the outside of the building and a security system to monitor the inside, to prevent unwanted access to the building and to provide the feeling of safety and security.


QPCYWA - Hervey Bay Branch (Hervey Bay PCYC) - Bike Education Program Hervey Bay

The purchase of new equipment to allow the Bike Education Program, covering a range of road safety and bike handling topics, to be delivered to young people in the Hervey Bay region.


Biggera Waters State School P & C Association - Warning Security Cameras

Install security cameras at Biggera Waters State School to reduce incidents of property crime, vandalism, unauthorised access and reduce the fear of crime among staff, students and visitors.


Goondiwindi Sporting & Recreation Association Inc. - Installation of Surveillance System

The project involves installing an 8 channel video surveillance system & alarm security system and installing security gate.


QPS Crime Prevention - Qld Taxi Voucher Safety Program

Passengers using taxi services in the Entertainment Precincts are required to obtain a voucher from a Taxi Marshal prior to entering the taxi, with a buff copy retained by the marshal.


Doomadgee Aboriginal Shire Council - Install Safety Barriers

To install safety barriers at the front and rear of the shop carpark to protect people from injury. There is a steep drop at the rear to Liverpool River, a road crossing at the front of the carpark.


Darra Oxley Pony Club - Security System

Installation of CCTV cameras, recording device / back to base alarm system at club hall. Videofied passive infrared at agistee area which when motion activated, record and transmit footage to service.


Douglas Shire Council - Skate Park Street Art

Artist workshops with local youths to design and paint Street Art on youth areas/skate parks with high antisocial behaviour to build ownership of public space, skill development and community cohesion.


St George and District Chamber of Commerce - St George Security Expo 2015

The Chamber to host a Security Expo with tradeshow exhibitors and workshops providing information and products available to protect, secure and monitor businesses, homes, property and livestock.


Gilbert Recreation Association Incorporated - Gilbert Oval CCTV Surveillance System

To install a surveillance system to assist in preventing crime and vandalism. The grounds/facilities are accessed by in excess of 50,000 people per year and this will enable the continuation to do so.


QPS Road Safety - Blackwater North School Road Safety Initiative

The program is designed to enhance the safety of the school environment to improve pedestrian safety and ensure the safety of children and motorists at the school zone.


QPCYWA - Gladstone Branch - Triple L Program

Triple L will target disadvantaged young people, to help them understand and obtain their learner's permit. We will also provide life skills sessions such as how drugs and alcohol affect driving.


Maryborough Special School P&C Association - Bike & Road Safety Education Program

Educating at risk students not able to travel independently due to physical or intellectual impairment. Students to gain skills in independent transportation & thus reducing risk of road accidents.


Name of recipientInitiativesGrant Received

Cerebral Palsy League of Qld - Looking Forward

Install reversing cameras in 15 wheelchair-accessible buses to improve visibility out the rear window that is blocked by a wheelchair hoist. To date 4 of the 15 buses have been involved in incidents due to impaired vision.


Maryborough Police Station - Crime Prevention Community Trailer

Enhance the Crime Prevention Community Trailer operated by the QPS and Neighbourhood Watch to improve engagement with rural communities and promote crime prevention. Enhancements include a TV, speaker system, generator and storage box.


Inala Police Station - Inala Junior Bike Safety

Deliver a bike safety program to primary school students at 4 local schools in Inala to educate them on the importance of wearing a helmet and road safety. It has been identified that multi cultural and immigrant students have low awareness of bike safety.


Innisfail Police Station - Operation Communicate

Host sessions for the deaf community of NQ to address the communication barrier between them and the QPS and educate them on the road rules and situation awareness.


Brisbane Police Station - Motorcycle Crime Prevention

Deliver an awareness campaign to support the secure parking rails installed by BCC to address the increasing rate of motorcycle theft in Brisbane City CBD.


Toowoomba Police Station - Lose Your Tools – Lose Your Job – Lock Up

Deliver presentations to tradespersons in Toowoomba to increase the security of their tools and prevent crime. It has been identified that tradespersons are often the victims of property theft.


No Comply Gallery - Pilot

Provide at-risk youth in Toowoomba the opportunity to engage in legal graffiti through workshops. This project aims to reduce illegal graffiti and foster a sense of pride and ownership in the community.


Stanthorpe Agricultural Society - Smile for the Camera

Install security cameras at Stanthorpe Showgrounds to address incidents of property crime and unauthorised access and reduce the fear of crime among users and visitors to the showgrounds.


Coomera Rivers State School P&C - Safe-T-Dawg

Deliver the program to students and parents to address the congestion caused by having only one entry/exit at Coomera Rivers State School. The program includes a road safety booklet and signs for the drop off and pick up area.


Coolnwynpin State School P&C - Pedestrian Ramp for Ney Rd Entrance

Install a pedestrian ramp at Coolnwynpin State School to increase access to the school entrance for all students and parents, particularly those with disabilities and prams.


Roadcraft-Qld Driver Training Complex - Responsible Cycling for Adults

Deliver a bike safety program to 50 Sri Lankan refugees to improve the safety of all road users in Gympie. The program will educate them on the road rules, provide them with safety equipment and facilitate repairs to their bikes.


Priestdale Scout Group - Protect Our Den

Install motion sensing security lights at the Priestdale Scout Group den to deter vandals and drug users from targeting the den and purchase anti-graffiti paint for the den walls.


Warwick Police Station - Overwatch

Provide security cameras to community clubs and schools in Warwick, which have been ongoing victims of property crime to prevent anti-social behaviour and crime. The cameras will also aid QPS capture evidence for prosecution.


St George Police Station - Spotlight on Crime

Provide security fasteners to spotlight owners in St George to address the increase in theft of spotlights from parked unattended motor vehicles. This will be complimented by an awareness campaign.


Gateway To Training - Community Connect

Deliver a diversionary program to 12 young males from Goondiwindi who are already in the juvenile justice system. The program aims to reconnect them with their self, families and community through hands-on activities and skills training.


Sandgate Home Assist Secure - Living Safer for Seniors and Disabled People

Provide key safes and finger guards to elderly and disabled Sandgate residents to improve home safety and address an increase in elderly people impacted by property crime.


St Francis Xavier Primary School - The Shed – an Urban Art Masterpiece

Provide at-risk indigenous students at St Francis Xavier Primary School the opportunity to be mentored by a celebrated graffiti artist and contribute to an ‘urban masterpiece’ to help them make meaningful connections with the community and address significant illegal graffiti in Manunda.


Junction Park State School P&C - Safe Travel

Deliver the program to Junction Park State School where there is a high volume of traffic and incidents of road users running red lights. The program includes hosting creative workshops with students to develop signage, teaching students how to use scooters, bikes and skates and mapping safe travel routes.



Boondall Neighbourhood Watch - Safety Sausage Sizzle

Host sausage sizzles with QPS to raise awareness of Boondall Neighbourhood Watch, foster sense of neighbourhood connections and deliver crime prevention strategies to address increased crime in Chermside.


Volunteer Marine Rescue Burdekin - Ocean Creek Criminals Beware

Install security cameras at Ocean Creak boat landing to address high incidents of vandalism and theft of squad property and reduce fear of crime within the boating community.


Innisfail Police Station - Bullying ‘Cut’; Kindness ‘Copy‘

Deliver a kindness campaign to local schools to address the increase in bullying and harassment in Innisfail. This campaign will encourage and reward acts of kindness.


Horn Island Police Station - Skid Lids for Kids

Delivered a bike education program including a bike helmet art decal competition to encourage primary school students to wear their helmets to improve road safety in the Torres Shire Council.


Callide Valley BMX Club - Club House Security

Install security screens, lights and cameras to the Callide Valley BMX Club house and track to prevent theft and vandalism and to provide increased security for riders, members and volunteers.


Cairns Police Station - Share the Road

Deliver a bike safety program to 94 schools to reduce incidents of cyclist injuries and fatalities in NQ. School based Adopt-A-Cops will provide students with a kit including reflective vests and spoke cards displaying bike safety messages. 


Name of recipientInitiativesGrant Received
Ashmore State School P&C - Waiting Area for Drop & Go ZoneTo build a safe zone/waiting area for student pick - ups$4,000
Mackay Police Station – Driving: What are the consequences?To implement a program of road safety presentations to Year 10 and 12 students$7,000
Toowoomba Police Station - Remove ItTo run an awareness program to reduce risk of and prevent vehicle break-ins$4,000
Edmonton Neighbourhood Watch - Key Security AwarenessTo improve home security in the community by running an awareness campaign through provision of fridge magnets$2,000
Moggill State School P&C - Safe 2 ParkTo improve signage and infrastructure in the Moggill State School car park and improve road safety$4,000
Ipswich Police Station – Violence: It's Not Our Game!To implement an awareness and education campaign targeted at Football associations in the Ipswich area, aimed at preventing violence$10,000
Carina State School P&C - Drop ZoneTo improve the Drop Off Zone signage and run an awareness campaign to improve users' understanding of how to safely conduct drop offs$1,000
Winton Neighbourhood Centre - Care for our Children Fun DayTo run a Fun Day for the Winton community including a variety of activities such as crime prevention and safety seminars$7,000
Ipswich City Council - Home & Property Safety ProgramTo implement an educational program in the Ipswich community about home and property safety$9,500
Ravenshoe RAISE Inc. - R.A.P.T.A.RTo install a new sign with road safety related messaging in the Ravenshoe area to improve awareness around road safety and reduce crashes$2,000
QLD Youth Services - Youth Early InterventionTo provide an early intervention program for youth in the Townsville community who are at risk of becoming repeat offenders in the juvenile justice system$10,000
Logan City Council - Logan City Young DriversTo deliver the BRAKE Driver Awareness program to 5 schools in Logan City$10,000
Guides QLD - Safety in Church StreetTo install floodlights to protect the Church Street Guides QLD hall from potential crime$1,000
Bundamba State Secondary College P&C - ACE ProgramTo deliver an adventure based program designed to improve anti-social and criminal behaviour in 240 at risk youth within the Ipswich community$10,000
Bamanga Bubu Ngadimunku - Drink Driving Artwork & ResourcesTo engage the community in developing a campaign to address drink driving behaviours in the regional community of Mossman$7,000
Innisfail Police Station - Cocooning InnisfailTo deliver an awareness campaign in the local Innisfail community that will target areas that have recently experienced break ins to help inform residents and offer tools to secure their properties from crime$6,000
Deception Bay Community Youth Program - Artonic HarmonyTo run a creative arts program with 25 at risk young people that educates participants about the impact of racially motivated crime and vandalism$10,000
Caravan Park Association of Qld - Safer Road Users - Leichhardt HighwayTo improve road safety on the Leichhardt Highway by implementing a road safety awareness campaign$1,500
Bilinga Surf Life Saving Club - Security of Bilinga SLSCTo improve security at Bilinga SLSC Club House by improving lighting, locks and alarms$2,000
Mareeba Police Station - Will U B Next CampaignTo implement a road safety campaign in the Mareeba Police District to reduce incidents of road crashes$10,000
Murweh Shire Council - Safe Drive Test DriveTo run a series of road safety presentations to Year 10-12 students in the Charleville area$10,000
Central Highlands Regional Council - Lighting Up the BMX TrackTo improve security around the toilet block and shade shelters at the Rotary Park BMX Track$10,000
Birkdale South State School P&C - Bike & Road Safety Awareness ProgramTo provide bikes and helmets to run a bike and road safety program with primary aged kids at Birkdale South State School$10,000
Glenala State High P&C - Drive- to-Thrive ProjectTo run a driving education program with 10 disadvantaged youth in the Inala area and send all Year 11 students from Inala SHS to the RYDA program$7,500
South Burnett PCYC - Bike Ed ProgramTo run a bicycle education program for primary schools in the South Burnett region$6,000
Stock & Rural Crime Investigation Squad - Country WatchTo engage and empower rural property owners in the detection and identification of persons committing crimes on their property and to prevent crime through improved surveillance capability$3,000
Cairns Police District Office - Torres Strait Violence Reduction Action PlanTo run workshops in the Torres Strait community aimed at reducing domestic and family violence and assault$10,000
Magnetic Island Police Station - Magnetic MopedTo educate tourists visiting Magnetic Island on the correct, safe use of mopeds and thus reduce road crashes on the island$5,500
Youth With A Mission Townsville Assoc Inc. - YWAM Youth PromotionsTo generate awareness of the YWAM Youth Street activity based program and assist in crime prevention for the youth in Townsville$10,000
Name of recipientInitiativesGrant Received
Logan City Council - Safety for Seniors To improve safety for seniors in Logan City by providing personal safety education seminars for local seniors. $10 000
Mackay Regional Council - Speed Awareness To provide speed awareness monitors or variable message signs for use in various locations throughout Mackay. $10 000
Multicultural Communities Council - Multicultural Road Safety Booklets To improve road safety by producing basic road rules booklets translated into Japanese and Korean. $10 000
QLD Police-Citizen Youth Welfare Association - MAC Trailer To provide additional resources for the established Mobile Activity Centre (MAC) for the Mareeba PCYC with the aim of discouraging anti-social behaviour in local youth. $7 500
Charters Towers Police Station - SPARS Project To improve road safety for young people in the Charters Towers community by offering student education workshops at Charters Towers State High School, and RYDA seminars. $4 000
Ipswich Police - Under the Bonnet To run education sessions regarding personal safety strategies and basic car maintenance for females in the Ipswich District. $4 000
Hope Vale Police Station - Hope Vale Child Travel Safety To create a loan program for child capsules and booster seats for families in Hope Vale and to increase awareness of child restraints across the local community. $10 000
QPCYC - Learn to be a Learner To improve road safety by helping local Indigenous youth obtain their learners permit. $4 500
Cherbourg Police Station - Skid Lids 4 Deadly Kids To increase the number of children in Cherbourg wearing bicycle helmets by providing helmets and running road safety education programs in primary schools. $10 000
QLD Police-Citizen Youth Welfare Association - Road Safety for Teens To improve road safety amongst youth in Rockhampton by running an awareness campaign about road safety, with young people engaged in the development process, and by providing driving lessons for 20 participants. $5 000
Apex Club of Dayboro Inc - Dayboro & Region Sentinel To install security surveillance equipment and run an awareness program to discourage crime in the local business area. $10 000
Forest Hill Police Station - Cameras on Farms To prevent crime on rural properties by installing covert camera technology to assist with detection, identification and capture of offenders. $9 500
QLD PCYC - Bike Education Program To improve road safety in Emerald by running a bicycle safety training program to children aged 7-9. $9 500
QLD PCYC - Active Youth To run an adventure-based program for youth in the criminal justice system aimed to reduce presence of youth in the criminal justice system. $10 000
QLD Police-Citizen Youth Welfare Association - AustCycle Road Safety Training To deliver accredited, safe and recognised bicycle education through a train-the-trainer program for PCYC Managers across the state in partnership with AustCycle. $10 000
Cardwell School Safe ST Committee - Cardwell School Signage Upgrade To improve road safety in the Cardwell State School zone by installing enhanced flashing LED signage. $10 000
Malanda PCYC - Making Malanda School Safer To improve safety at Malanda State School by improving signage and fencing for the pedestrian crossing. $4 000
Fraser Island Police Station - Eastern Beach Fraser Island Sign To reduce the incidence of vehicle crashes by increasing the visibility of signs along Eastern Beach, Fraser Island. $5 000
Gumdale State School P & C - Gumdale Safe School Travel To improve road safety at Gumdale State School by installing new signage at the Stop, Drop and Go zone. $1 000
Upper Mt Gravatt Kindergarten - Graffiti Stop To prevent and discourage crime by enhancing lighting and anti-graffiti paint for the kindergarten. $1 500
Murgon Business Association - Making Murgon Safer To prevent and reduce crime in the Murgon CBD by installing two security cameras in the main street. $6 000
Greenslopes State School Parents and Citizens Association - School Drop Off Safety Improvement To improve safety at the drop off-pick up zone at Greenslopes State School through running an awareness campaign to promote the existing zones. $2 000
Mareeba United Football Club Inc - MUFC Security & Lighting Project To reduce the instances of crime at the Mareeba United Football Club by improving security infrastructure. $10 000